Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yarn along again

When I was visiting my mom this week, I took a little book to read aloud.  I am not sure how much she is following but it is a way for us to engage.  Mom used to love reading.  She worked for a literacy group for years, helping adults learn to read.  She grew up in a home with a library - complete with glass faced, floor to ceiling bookcases.  And, she had a mother who wrote.  So I thought it would be fun to reread one of my grandmother's books this month.  And just for fun, I did a Google search on her name.  Imagine my surprise to find that there are copies of her books (self published) on Amazon!  I pulled out her memoir - My Roses in December and began to read.   
I have a hat on the needles and a cowl just off the needles.  I have done so much knitting lately that my elbows ache.  I need to do more hand and arm stretches.  

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karen said...

She loves it! I bet she is soothed by your voice and rhythm. You are a lovely daughter :)