Sunday, December 7, 2014

Preparing and some slow stitching

I am trying to breath slowly and savor these weeks leading to Christmas.  Staying out of the stores has helped. 
We put up the tree and started putting out all the nativities this weekend.  I kept thinking I would get out a buy a new advent wreath but then I found this lovely idea on Pinterest using jars and candles and I knew it was the perfect project.  And I will not be distracted by the fact that today is the beginning of the second week of Advent and I still have to get candles for my jars. 
I am also planning to make these wonderful brownies, perhaps adding some peppermint chocolate chips.
Yesterday I got the applique cut and basted for the November and December blocks of that 2011 Block of the Month.  Again, I will not be distracted by the fact that is is now 2014. 
I am also slowly stitching on my prayer pockets, a shawl, and a cowl.  And I am planning to cast on another hat for the women's day shelter we support. 
Now I am off to see what others are slowing stitching this week.


Tanya Quilts in CO said...

The brownie jars sound delicious! Take it slow and steady and it will all get done. Visiting from Slow Sunday Stitching.

karen said...

I am savoring this advent season and I cannot believe it's the second week already. I avoid crowds like the plague, they make me cranky :)

Sue G Johnson said...

Those jars are such a great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have been doing! I've popped over from Slow Stitching Sunday and so glad I did!

Lori said...

I used the jars before to do my advent candles, but had to throw them out afterwards. Maybe the epsom would help with the wax problem.