Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday morning - a pile of cookbooks

As the year draws to an end, I am thinking about how I will take care of myself as I head into the new year and a new decade.  I have developed some good eating and moving habits over the last few years.  I am ready to dig a bit deeper.  I checked out all the library books I could find that address the issue of inflammation, auto-immune diseases, and food to tame these monsters.  I spent a morning reading through this pile and have decided that I am going with the plan in Anti-Inflammatory Eating Made Easy by Michelle Babb.  I actually took a class on this topic from Michelle about a year ago and I had forgotten that she told us she was publishing a book.  I will begin her 21 day plan on January 1.  That gives me almost two weeks to plan and prep (my cupboards and my husband!). 
I also saw that Courtney Carver (I have been following her capsule wardrobe plan this fall and winter) is launching The Capsule Kitchen.  She is suggesting 33 foods for 3 months - for the sake of health and simplicity.  Hope over and read about this idea and let me know if you plan to play along.  I started making my list of 33 foods and it does not seem restrictive at all. And best of all, it fits nicely with Michelle's anti-inflammatory eating plan.
One more week for the #HolidaySweat challenge.  This has been a great inspiration and motivation for me.  I have only had a few days without exercise but I have hit my water intake and fruits/veggies goals 100% of the time!
Happy, healthy eating.


Lori said...

I put the book by Michelle on my request list. Looks like you have a good plan for starting the new year.

karen said...

this is all good stuff! I can't wait to see what you think of it. Starting the new year, I'll be eating less junk :) (hopefully!!)