Thursday, December 11, 2014

hand work

Too much knitting has made my elbow ache so I am switching gears.  I don't know when I started these blocks.  I do know that a very kind quilter gifted me her patterns after she made this quilt.  In 2011 the quilt was offered as a mystery quilt and I signed up.  I looked forward to the ease of the patterns and fabrics being chosen by someone else.  The embroidery thread was included each month - another plus.  I started off well - first 5 months went swiftly.  Then I must have stalled.  On Saturday, I pulled out the blocks for November and December and cut the applique pieces.  I got the first part basted and have begun stitching down the rays of the sunshine.  In my mind, these were the last two blocks I needed to stitch but when I pulled out the box this morning, I found that I only have 5 completed.  No worries.  This will be a lovely winter project to rotate with my knitting plans.  Thank goodness applique and knitting use different muscles!


Lori said...

That is such a great quilt! Love your blocks so far.

karen said...

Lovely craft to switch to when the knitting causes some stress. I have to change projects to avoid that as well.

audrey said...

Really great project. Looks fun!