Saturday, December 20, 2014

celebrating friendship

When I was a mother of young children, I had a lot of friends.  Some were friends from the kids' school or church, others were quilting or book group friends.  Some were friends to plan parties with, others were friends who could hear my heart stories.
These days I have just a few that I would count at true friends.  They are women who listen, who nod and don't try to fix whatever problem we might be discussing.  They have burdens of their own and I try to be that kind of friend for them.  Two of these women don't live nearby but I know I can pick up the phone or send a text and they will be there for me. 
This week I watched the moms at preschool, their heads bent in conversation as they waited to pick up their children.  They laughed together or listened with that look of knowing.  There also a few moms who are unable to join in.  Some have very heavy burdens (husbands without jobs, children with medical needs, worry and concern). 
My prayer today is that they will all have that experience of a true friend, a heart-friend, the experience of friendship that I am celebrating today.

Connecting with other celebrations over on Ruth's blog today.


thechroniclesofachildrensbookwriter said...

Yay for friendship. There's nothing like having that kind of relationship in one's life!

Lori said...

Constant use will not wear ragged the fabric of friendship. ~Dorothy Parker

LInda Baie said...

It is a joy to have such a friend, & I count two, Juliann. You've described the ease well, to listen & not try to fix. Happy Holidays to you!

Julieanne said...

It is so interesting. I've had your experience as well. Our situations often dictate our friendships. Your post reminds me of this story I heard today on the Moth radio hour We find our heart friends in unlikely situations. Happy Holiday Juliann

Terje said...

Friendship strength isn't necessarily in numbers. Sometimes few friends who listen are enough. Happy Holidays!