Saturday, December 6, 2014

celebrating choices

I will be the first to admit that I am blessed to have choices.  On most days, I can choose what I am going to eat and when or if I will exercise.  I have an abundance of water for bathing and drinking.  Even though I have whittled down the number of items in my closet, I still have choices about what to wear.  I have coats and shoes that I choose based on the weather outside.  I have enough gloves to always have a pair handy.
I also have an almost embarrassing number of choices when it comes to creative diversions.  Here too I have done much purging this year but I am never without a few choices depending on the time I have or my mood. 
Perhaps there are times when too many choices can be paralyzing.  I have noticed a much more relaxed response to getting dressed each day after adopting the capsule wardrobe idea this fall (I believe I have 35 items in my closet at this point so close but not quite the 33 you can find here).  And when it come to knitting or sewing or writing, I often spend more time going through my choices and run out of time to actually make anything.  But sometimes the choosing is just what my creative spirit needs.
This morning I am celebrating choices.  I am pulling out just a few items and spending a bit of time thinking and planning.  I will head to my knitting group at church where I hope to do a bit of knitting but also trace the pattern for a quilt block.  And this last week I have been choosing items for my 2015 one little word album and setting up my 2015 planner.  These choices bring so much joy - well worth the celebration.
I am celebrating with Ruth and friends today.


julieQ said...

Your post is wonderful. We all have so many choices and are so richly blessed!!

Crystal Brunelle said...

Isn't that the truth? Many of us have so many choices and I am glad that you remind me that it is something to celebrate. Just this week I was moaning about making so many decisions (we're going through a school renovation), but isn't it wonderful that I have that problem?

LInda Baie said...

Every year now I give more away. I've been collecting things for a long time, and of course, many of the clothes don't wear out, but time seems to go so fast and all of a sudden, they're out of date. I like choice too, Julieann. It is a comfort for those of us who have it, and stressful for others who do not. I wish we could just directly pass it on... Thanks for the thoughtful post.

Leigh Anne Eck said...

I so miss my own quilting days, but I just do not have the time. Although I still have ALL the fabric! I am a recovering fabricholic. Choice is so important and is certainly a reason for celebration.