Wednesday, November 26, 2014

yarn and books

I finished this audio book yesterday and I just want to tell everyone about it!  I spend a lot of time in my car and it can be hard to listen to a novel with all the driving distractions but this one held my attention and I thoroughly enjoyed the story.  The reader is wonderful and that really helps.
I am still working on my Candlelit Shawl and I cast on Helen's second Knitvent pattern - the Lind Cowl.  This is a two color cowl and I started with some yarn I purchased in Petaluma last year.  I found a local yarn shop that carries this yarn so I am heading there on Friday to pick up a contrasting color.  Yesterday Helen released the third pattern, the perfect cowl for using up some stash.
A short morning training at work followed by a run and then home again to finish cleaning and getting ready for tomorrow.
Linking up with fellow yarn and book friends on Ginny's blog.

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Bea at Beas Coffeebreak said...

Thanks - new book added to my to read list! Happy knitting and reading!