Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Move More Monday

Join the Holiday Sweat Challenge

I have made a big effort to move more the last few years.  I have what the world would say is a milestone birthday coming up next spring and I intend to welcome the next decade with an active attitude.  Some days it is easier than others and I am always on the look out for accountability.  Last year I joined Amanda's challenge and I am excited to have joined up again this year.  Visit Amanda to read more about the Holiday Sweat Challenge and let me know if you decide to join in the fun. 
And come back to visit each Monday.  I am planning to share some recipes and links to share the motivation. 


Lori said...

Keep on moving!

Cathy said...

I'm joining up!! Sounds like fun and I need the motivation this time of year!

Julee said...

who says what the other woman does is so much better than yours...it will always be a matter of personal taste as to what is correct and beautiful...do what makes you happy. I personally like your stuff.