Monday, November 24, 2014

move more Monday - purging time

The #HolidaySweat challenge begins today.  I spent some time over the weekend purging my fridge and pantry.  I eat well most of the time but a few things have slipped in that have way too much sugar.  Of course this is a tough week to begin a challenge since we have the big American food fest (Thanksgiving) coming up in a few days.  But we now have two vegetarians in our midst so I know there will be lots of choices. 
On the moving more front, I have downloaded a few strength workouts to supplement my running plans and will stick to yoga at least two days a week.  So, here we go!


Lori said...

When you are determined it makes it easier!

Lynn Koeppen said...

Yeah for more veggies! We are having a vegetarian Thanksgiving at our house, and sadly we are the only ones who are coming!