Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Friday!

When I posted my first Moda Building Block, it was hard to really portray the size.  It is a 36" block but on the wall, all alone, it could be any size.  This afternoon I made two of the smallest blocks, 6".  I thought it would be fun to take a picture of the blocks together so you can really see it.  I decided to go with red, green, and cheddar - I need more cheddar fabric.
I am so excited for this weekend.  On Saturday I am going to a yarn event in Seattle.  I read about these events all the time.  We are not taking classes but we are very excited about the vendors!
On Sunday I am heading to a local quilt show.  This is the guild I joined 26 years ago when I first discovered quilting.  I am hoping to find some more cheddar fabrics at the show too.
Happy Friday - enjoy your weekend!


Lori said...

Fun blocks! How exciting to have a crafty weekend planned:)

Lynn Koeppen said...

Nice! I got the deck of patterns at the Houston show. Now I'm deciding what fabric to use. I am tempted to do a red and white quilt!