Sunday, November 30, 2014

goodbye November

As I washed the breakfast dishes this morning I felt the sun streaming through the window and looked up.  This little corner was aglow with the yellow of the flowers and the sun, the orange glass vase like a flame nudging me to pay attention. 
I am tempted to say "Where has this year gone?"  But I know.  By bits and moments, some that I want to hold on to, others that I am happy to let slip away. 
I am thankful for those flames that send me reaching for my camera and pen.  I am thankful to writers to encourage others, writers who share their hearts, and new to me writers who make lovely lists.

Writing with prompts - the December list is just waiting for you to pick up a pen.


the habit of being said...

love the brilliant pop of color in this photo. hope december brings a lot of good things your way!

janeygingerboy said...

I too have some great memories from this year but also some things that I am glad to leave behind! Wishing you a happy and bright December! I too am grateful for other's lovely words shared openly and always inspiring me : )