Wednesday, October 8, 2014

what's on the sewing table?

I have not been at my sewing table enough lately.  When I walked in today, I saw some fun projects waiting for me.  I am fortunate to have a room just for sewing, quilting, knitting.
On my table today is a pile of clothing that would be in the donation pile if it were not for a fun, online class that I will be taking next week.  There is a shirt, a pair of pants, and a skirt.
There are a few of the 9 patch blocks that I made for Barb's swap, just waiting for the squishy mail to arrive with 100 blocks.  Check out Barb's post on the sorting and mail part of this swap.
There are some lovely fabrics waiting to become something, a small pile of stickers and tapes for my journal, and a catalog that came in the mail this week - if I were not committed to simplifying my wardrobe, I would be very tempted by these lovely clothes.
What is on your sewing table?  Leave a link and I will come to visit.


antique quilter said...

oh that class sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing what you do.
love that cheddar fabric on your table!

karen said...

alas, I have no sewing table but I do knit quite a bit and I have a cowl on the needles that is nearly done. My sister sews and I do admire the skill! Looking forward to what you whip up.

Lori said...

Piles! Many piles are on my sewing photos though.
Your online class sounds like fun!