Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Moda Building Blocks

Have you seen this around the internet lately?  I saw it on Kathi's blog and love the idea of making these blocks in two colors.  Then there is this Halloween version.
If want more inspiration, just search Pinterest for Moda Modern Building Blocks.
Well, I happened to be in a quilt shop with a coupon today and I happened to bring this fun pattern home.  I really like the two color idea.  Hoping to find time this weekend to dig through my stash.  I think this is a great project to practice my machine piecing skills.


Lori said...

What a fun sampler quilt! What 2 colors will you be using?

Cathy said...

I like this quilt too and I always need practice with my piecing skills! I do far too much handwork!

Linda O said...

I saw that Gathering Fabrics is offering this as a BOM next year. Fun to see all the different versions.

antique quilter said...

so did you decide which 2 colors you will use???