Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Books and yarn

It has been raining all night.  That means the road I usually take with be flooded this morning.  After 27 years, there does not seem to be anything that will fix that one little dip in the road.  Fortunately I have lots of alternative.  It would be a lovely day to stay home with my yarn and my book and a second cup of coffee.
This is my second start on this cowl.  First time around I twisted it about row 4 but didn't notice until row 12.  I am back on track now.  I learned yesterday that a friend and her husband have made it through the first step of adoption and we are praying that the process will go smoothly so they can bring this sweet little girl home.  I am on the lookout for just the right yarn and hat pattern to cover her little head this winter.
 The book is a memoir about care-giving, a topic that is always on my mind these days.  I spend one day a week with my mom so my dad can have a break.  I see how much the shift from spouse to caregiver has impacted dad. 
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Lori said...

Looks good. I hope your parents are continuing to adjust to the recent changes in their life.

Lynn Koeppen said...

Oh, that green is yummy! I am thinking about learning to knit. One of my quilting friends is a leftie and she said she could teach me! Winter project?

Donna said...

It's about to start raining here too - buckets full. What a pretty pattern. That will look great with that yarn.

antique quilter said...

this is wonderful you spend a day with her to give your dad a break, this is probably great for
both of you as hard as it is.