Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where I sew

Lori has been talking about the sewing rooms of women she has met and I thought I would share a snippet of my sewing space.  This is one side of the room.  The other side holds my a paper crafting and knitting stash and is not so easy to tidy up for a photograph!
I have been fortunate to have this room for my creative activities for almost 27 years!  I also have a recliner in this room and sometimes I just sit in there and think about sewing or do a bit of reading.  A room of my own - lovely!
Let me know if you post photos of your sewing space.


antique quilter said...

I feel so lucky to have a bedroom as a sewing room too for years. sorry I couldn't click on your picture and make it bigger to see whats on the walls and design wall! did you change the layout of the blog?

Andi G said...

That looks like the perfect space to allow your creative juices to flow!

Lynn Koeppen said...

Nice! I like your sewing table with the bins of stash fabric so close! It looks tidy too! I'd post pictures of my room, but a recent tornado just passed through! LOL

Lori said...

It looks good. What kind of table are you using with your cutting mat? I like the idea of a recliner.... No room in mine.