Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thinking about the UFO pile

I spent some time yesterday (about 5 hours) riding my bike up and down the hills.  It was a much more difficult ride that I was expecting but I did it!  And to distract myself from those killer hills, I began to plan and putter in my head.  I thought about unfinished projects, set aside ideas, and dreams.  I thought about how much I need those creative space in my life.  I pondered how I can slow down in some areas of life and perhaps move a bit more efficiently in others.  
This afternoon, I am using post it notes to see if I can make a plan.  
I remember someone saying they tried randomly sections a different project to finish each month.  Any other ideas about putting some order to the piles.  Would love to have a few more check marks on my list before the end of 2014.  


Lori said...

I was just feeling the need for a good list. I'm going too many directions in my sewing room and not making substantial headway on any of them! LOL

Kurt Schindler said...

I make a short list at the beginning of the week of what I want to accomplish with each project. For example, my list for this week reads: Bind mini quilt, hand quilt doll quilt and make 8 pin wheel blocks for table topper project. This seems to help me focus and although it might take a while for a project to get finished , it eventually does.
Not saying that I never go off on a tangent!!!