Tuesday, July 15, 2014

retreat prep

I am trying to get focused on getting ready for my quilt retreat.  We are heading to a new place this year.  In the past, we were in locations connected with quilt shops so it was easy to run out and pick up a little something to finish a project.  But not this year.  And I haven't been doing much sewing so I am having trouble really settling into an idea about what to bring.
I finished cutting all the squares for the 9-patch swap so those will go into the bag.
I started a new shawl.
I have plenty of hand work I could take but this is such a great time to do some serious machine stitching.
I saw some wonderful inspiration on Jane's blog  (the large blue sampler).  I also love the variety of blocks and the soft colors that I saw on this fun blog.  So maybe just a bunch of small blocks that can blend and fit together to make a sampler.
So many options.  So many choices to make.  I am heading back to my sewing room to load up fabric and clean my machine and gather thread, needles, and cutting tools.  In the end, I will likely take much more than I can complete but that is fine with me.


audrey said...

Wonderful that you get to go to a quilt retreat! No matter what you bring, I'm sure you'll have plenty of inspiration to sew.:)

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Your nine patches are looking good!

Lori said...

It is always better to take too much!