Monday, July 21, 2014


Our short retreat has given me a new perspective and brought me home knowing that I need to take some time to do a bit of cleaning and sorting while I have the energy and inspiration.
We did a lot of chatting about blogs and pinterest and gathering ideas.  I came home with a long list of blogs to check.  This morning I stumbled on another new-to-me blog that I must share.  I have only just begun to explore this bloggers work but I know I will return. 
I also took a chance and contacted another blogger who had not posted for quite some time.  I missed her lovely posts about family, dog, and quilting.  I do love when bloggers dare to share beyond their stash.  I heard back, she gave me her facebook name, and so another connection has been made.  Isn't that what this is about?  Taking a chance, stepping forward and introducing yourself, and treasuring the friendships you make along the way. 
Now, I need to do some cleaning and then will be back to the creative process very soon.


Lori said...

I am always thrilled and amazed at how the online world has connected us.

apiecefullife said...

Thanks for visiting my over here in OZ and for linking to me.
I love "meeting" new people/bloggers

Lynn Koeppen said...

Yes I love connecting through the world of blogs. After all this is how we met!
I've been outside so much that I haven't been posting very often. You have inspired me to get it going again!