Thursday, July 3, 2014

I always wanted . . .

Yesterday I finally played in the garden and created garden art with some old teapots and cups that are chipped or broken.  I have wanted to do this for a long time - why do I put these things off?
Another thing I have wanted is a better way to display my small quilts.  I saw an example on a blog and have kept it in the back of my mind - a someday idea.  As I was tidying up this morning, I realized that I have more than enough small quilts to begin such a wall (you can do a Pinterest search to find ideas).  Only one problem, at least half of my smaller quilts do not have sleeves.  So, I cut and stitched sleeves this morning and will hand stitch them on tonight.  For now, I have my wall chosen and measured and when my number loving daughters come over tomorrow, I will have them help me figure out an arrangement.
The other thing I have been wanting to do is finish a house quilt that I made who knows when.  I stated to machine stitch it but didn't like the effect so I put it away - and there it sat.  I know I will never be happy with it if I continue with my original plan so I am going to - you might want to sit down - un-stitch the quilting.  I figure if I can unknit something, I can unquilt something.
What have you always wanted to do and what is keeping you from taking the plunge?

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Lori said...

I'm just now trying to get caught up. Now I know what you were ripping out!