Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eagles and flags and quilt alongs

I have had this lovely book on my shelf for years.  My husband grew up in Ohio and gave me this book as a gift.  But it was a recent post by Audrey that sent me to that shelf.  Audrey and Angie have put out a challenge to join an eagle themed quilt along.
And this morning, Lori posed the idea of another fun quilt along based on Jan Patek's Flags of the American Revolution.
So many wonderful ideas and inspiration!

Better start digging through my stash to see where to begin.


antique quilter said...

this is such a great book, have fun with it!
I will be looking forward to your progress.

Lori said...

Love patriotic quilts, esp eagles!

Karen said...

I have the Ohio book in my quilt book library. I also grew up in Ohio. Jan Patek has a quilt pattern that looks very much like the style of quilts the book refers to.

Lynn Koeppen said...

Oh I like this quilt! Go for it!

Lucy said...

Hi Juliann, I have this book too and it is one of my favorites.