Wednesday, June 25, 2014

so it begins . . .

Well, to be honest, I do still have two little meetings this week but for the most part, my summer break has begun.  I began the day in my creative cave, doing a bit of tidying while I watched this movie (it is due tomorrow).  I have been listening to a lovely yarn podcast lately and decided to take a cue from Gayle and Sharlene and un-knit a blanket that I started in January.  I love the yarn and the pattern but I made too many mistakes in the first section and I know I will never be happy with the finished project.  I have all the colors back into individual balls and will begin again at some point.  I also un-knit a shawl that was lovely but again, not exactly what I was looking for in a project.  I also gathered all my bits and pieces of yarn, my needles, and a few skeins that had wandered.  I am hoping to get to the fabric store this week and pick up something to make project bags so I can keep all the pieces together.

Now that this project is finished, I am off to get some sewing done.  I am a few weeks behind on my Market Day blocks and I have decided on the next piece of my grey basket quilt.  I also need to begin to plan for my quilt retreat which will arrive sooner than I expect!


audrey said...

Wonderful for you to dive right into creativity.:) Hope you have lots of time to play this summer!

Lori said...

Ah, un-knit...that doesn't sound good, but at least it is possible and you can remake it into something you will love.
When is your retreat?