Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pay attention

I was rushing around today, getting a lot done, checking things off the list, when a spot of green caught my eye.  So I slowed down long enough to see this little creature.  Long enough to watch him make his way off the red shovel and into the green grass where he pretty much disappeared.  I am sure he felt safer.
Just a few more short days to get school closed up and then I too will be making my way from the scurry of my school year schedule into the slower routine of summer days.  I am resisting the temptation to make lists of sewing and knitting and reading, to pay attention to the little reminders of the changes ahead.
And I wonder if this little guy will be cocooning and transforming soon too.  


antique quilter said...

I love the color, that lime green, acid yellow? would be a fun background for a little quilt…
couldn't take it in a large quilt, LOL
who agrees slow down for a minute or two everyday to enjoy something simple

Lori said...

How exciting to have the promise of summer!

karen said...

that is one big caterpillar! Impressive :)