Friday, June 13, 2014


I have long loved circles as a quilt element.  So I began looking for circle inspiration and started a Pinterest board to collect ideas.  I have a lovely piece of fabric at home that would make a great base for a circle appliqué quilt.  
If you know of some great circle quilts, please send me a link.
One more big week at school and then we taper into summer.  


antique quilter said...

I love circles too, really admired the one that Racheldaisy just did, reminded me of the bubbles that kids blow into the wand and make! will find the link and send it to you….

Lynn Koeppen said...

I'm taking a quilt class Monday. The pattern is called Old Dog New Tricks. It makes a circle block. I'll let you know how it goes!

audrey said...

I am really drawn to circles in quilting too, although more of a pieced block that makes a circular shape I suppose. Pinterest is just too much fun.:)

Lynn Koeppen said...

Check out my blog today! I posted about my class yesterday. We did a circle block using a quick trim ruler. It is a ruler that can be used for lots of different things, not just this block.

Lori said...

How are you coming on your ideas? I enjoy them, but don't add too many circles on my quilts.