Thursday, June 26, 2014

baskets, veggies, blogging, and instagram

I spent some time with my grey basket quilt yesterday (that background is a dark grey).  I had fun stitching on some triangle pieces and then I started thinking about flowers and vines.  They are just pinned in place for now while I ponder the additions. 
Right now this is about 32" square - a fun wall quilt.
I picked up my box of veggies yesterday.  Lots of greens and another head of cabbage - just in time for another batch of sauerkraut! 
I have been thinking about the questions posed about blogging and Facebook and Instagram.  I tend to drop off blogging when life gets busy at work but I really do love to read blogs.  I used to have a lot of blogs on my reader but have not found a replacement that I like so I generally stop by a view blogs and then visit blogs that I find through links and sidebars.  Very much the rabbit hole approach.  I don't use Facebook too much except for a few private groups.  And I do love Instagram (I am juliannph if you want to send me a follow request).  I like to send out a quick picture to share with family and friends. 
Do you want to weigh in on the topic?  Visit Kelly at Pinkadot Quilts to read her post.


Pinkadot Quilts said...

I love your quilt, the dark background is great!

Lori said...

I'm a quilter blogger through and through. Facebook is more a family/local friends hangout for me so I do not post quilty things there and instagram is a fun, quick thing to cover little moments in time.
A lot of quilters post the exact same thing on facebook, instagram and their blog, so I generally will only follow them on one of these venues, sine I do not need to see the same thing over, over and over again. :) I learn from that and try not to do that myself.

audrey said...

Ah, what a sweet basket quilt. I am smiling so much just looking at it! I only blog, just can't keep up with the rest.:)

Carrie P. said...

Your basket blocks are so pretty on that dark background.
I guess if blogging goes away that will be the end for me. I don't twitter or instagram and probably won't join those bandwagons.