Sunday, July 10, 2011

dreaming of cheddar

Thanks to some good advice, we didn't run into problems with traffic or parking to begin our days at the Sisters Quilt Show.  We wandered and looked and snapped photos for about 3 hours.  Then a woman walked past us and stopped to say "There are some beautiful antique quilts just across the street."  And that is where I saw this little beauty.  It was not on exhibit but it was for sale with a price tag out of my range.  So I snapped a photo.  On the drive home we talked about what quilts we wanted to make this summer and I kept thinking about this little bow tie quilt.  By the time we were just outside Centralia, we had agreed that it might be tough to find a good cheddar solid but that I could probably use a printed cheddar as long as the print was pretty small.  So now I am dreaming of cheddar fabric. 
So, what do you think?
If you want to see some great slide shows from Sisters, click here.


Monique said... this little beauty! Thanks for sharing it. I've put it on my to-do list too, but that list is so long who knows when I'll get to it.

Loris said...

That is a sweet quilt! I know your day was wonderful. Thank you for sharing pics from it :-)

Nancy in MT said...

Lovely quilt, Juliann. You can buy a solid cheddar fabric at Vintage & Vogue online fabric store.

Crispy said...

I'm sure you could find a solid on line. I use when I'm looking for something specific.


Quilting in the Pines said...

Love it! I'll start hunting!

Lori said...

Too funny! Bonnie, Randy and I have started ours already!! LOL
It was a fantastic quilt.