Friday, July 31, 2015

fiber friday

It has been a wild week around here.  The painters have finally finished their work and all the windows are not plastic free.  We didn't have rain for months but within 24 hours of having our whole house taped and prepped for painting, the skies opened up and it poured for 2 days!  Go figure. 
There was plenty of fiber in my life this week.  With the cooler days, I was able to get some serious sewing done and my zig zag top is ready for basting.  Just deciding if I will hand quilt or machine quilt.  I am leaning toward hand quilting because the fabrics are so fun. 
On Wednesday, I headed north with my daughter to visit a quilt shop, a yarn shop, and the La Connor Quilt and Textile Museum.  It was a lovely day.  I did buy a bit of fabric, mostly backgrounds to supplement my stash.  I also happened upson two quilts that I really want to make in the Spring Issue of Quiltmania.  There is a lovely applique quilt and even though I don't really need to start another applique project, I would love to make it.  The other quilt is a Jen Kingwell quilt called My Small World.
Another project with lots of bits and pieces, wonderful houses, and an arrow!  How fun.  And because I have been purging my stash and have a very good idea of what fabrics are in those boxes now, I know this would be a great project for stash diving.

One more week before my official return to work.  Just enough time to get myself into a new project.

Happy Friday.

Monday, July 27, 2015

I love half square triangles!

I don't know when I learned to make them but I could create quilts from half square triangles for days and days.  I cut the squares a little larger than needed and have more waste than many but in the end, I get blocks that are perfect.
I have tried a few different techniques and even had a roll of the triangle paper at some point but I keep going back to the basic technique.  I cut my two squares one inch larger than I want the block (5.5" cut squares will give me 4.5" half square triangles that fiinishe at 4").  This weekend I cut and cut and cut and did a lot of chain stitching and now I think I have enough triangles to start putting together my zigzag quilt.  The question remains - off set or lined up? 

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Blueberry PIe Sauerkraut from Taproot Magazine
We are getting our house painted.  It has been a long time coming but once we found a painter and made the color choices, things seemed to move pretty quickly.  The house was washed and the windows taped on Thursday with plans for painting on Friday and Saturday.  And then it started to rain.  So the painting has been put off.  It is supposed to dry up pretty fast after this evening.  But that leaves us with a house that feels a bit like we are inside a cloud or a bubble.  All the windows are covered with plastic - a very odd sensation. 
Trying to make the best of the cooler weather, I headed to the kitchen and turned on the oven.  Granola, roasted veggies, a batch of Blueberry Apple sauerkraut, my first try at cold brew coffee, and a pork roase slowly cooking away in the crock pot.  It was not the weekend I was anticipating but we will eat well this week!

Friday, July 24, 2015

zigs and zags

What a week!  I got a lot of decluttering and purging done and my sewing space is ready for a new project.  I have this small pile of Kaffe fabrics and I am thinking of making another zigzag quilt.  The background is a poison green, not as yellow as the photo is showing.  I have been thinking about making one for myself since I gave away the last one.
But the sewing will have to wait.  Our house is all taped up and the painters will begin soon so we are heading out for the day.  First stop, an art fair and lunch with my dad.  Then perhaps a bike ride?  We will see how the day unfold.
Enjoy your Friday.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

yarn, books, and distractions

Perhaps distractions should go first in the blog post title.  After a few days of cleaning and purging, I am feeling a bit like, what next?  I will admit that I have not gotten far in this book or on this shawl.  But I am hoping not to push either one and just enjoy them.
My head and heart keep wandering as I think and pray about a season of struggle and loss going on in the lives of a number of my friends.
This has certainly been an interesting year.  One that reminds me of a quote from Zora Neale Hurston. "There are years that ask questions, and years that answer."
Be sure to take a look at what others are reading and knitting this week.