Wednesday, August 10, 2016

yarn and books - audio versions

I know it is summer - look at the calendar!  But we are having some seriously grey days here.  Perfect for yarn and audio books!  I have been listening to Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton.  This book has been recommended by some very special folks but it is quite a hefty book so I opted for the audio book.  It will take awhile (I think it is 36 hours) but since I am back at work, I do spend a fair amount of time in my car.
I am closing in.
I am making good progress on my Antaktis.  It is really a much lighter green in real life but that grey thing makes photography tough.  I think I will have this one off the needles by the weekend and then I am planning to tackly the sleeves on my sweater.
Be sure to visit Ginny today.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Fiber Friday

Happy Friday!  I am trying to stay with the vacation mood just a bit longer although return to work has begun.  I am fortunate to be able to ease into the new school year, a few hours this week, a few more hours next, and then back to it.
I have been working on the four patches that will form the final border for my gray basket quilt.  I think this will be the final border but we will see.  I have about 80% of the patches sewn and hope to get that done before the end of August.  I also need to think about the next addition to my Gwennie quilt.
I believe I have mentioned my love for notebooks.  In July, I took a one book challenge - using my traveler's notebook for the whole month, putting all other lovely journals to the side.  It was a good time to think about what I want to carry every day and what I want to use for recording lists and appointments and ideas.  This week I have moved my planning and wallet into a most beautiful notebook.  This one is made by the lovely Rowena. (even if you are not looking to purchase a notebook, please read her story) It is slightly larger than the notebook I have carried since October (also one of Rowena's notebooks) but still a very manageable size.  I use it as a wallet in addition to storing my planner insert and my journal insert so it does not add anything to my purse. 
Enjoy your Friday.  I am looking forward to an iced coffee while I do some planning and listmaking later today on the deck!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Yarn and books

I was making nice progress on my
Antarktis shawl until a rather chaotic flight home.  I thought I could just frog back a few rows and get back on track but it wasn't to be.  So, I pulled it out, rewound the yarn, and began again.  It is a lovely pattern and very soothing to knit.  I am happy to be knitting this shawl with my London yarn.
I also started reading this book by Diana Nyad.  I am going to hear her speak next month and thought it would be good to read her book.  She is not much older than me so I love reading about how she continues to pursue her dreams.  She has not had an easy life which was new information for me.  It is a good book to be reading in these last days of summer break when my mind is wandering back to school and all the excitement and work of launching a new school year.
My list of books to read and yarns projects to knit keeps growing.  Be sure to visit Ginny to see some of the lovely inspriation.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hello August

Last week I spent a few days in New York City with my sister.  She will be moving to Manhatten soon for a new job so we went apartment hunting.  What an experience!  Fortunately, we were successful and had time to play for the rest of the trip.  We did a lot of walking and on our last day, I came across this message, stenciled on the sidewalk.  My summer is winding down and I will be heading back to work.  I try to do it in bits and pieces, a few hours this week, a few more next week.  There is still a lot of summer weather and the days are plenty long so I will appreciate bike rides and long runs, berry picking and fresh salads, reading and knitting on the deck, and stitching up the next border on my Gwennie quiltalong medallion. 
My currently list includes:
Listening to The Blue Sweater
Reading Diana Nyad's book
Knitting a lovely shawl
Watching a wonderful BBC series
Eating fresh veggies
Drinking enough water to balance out the coffee
Starting the month with a Bible study

Friday, July 29, 2016

Gwennie QAL - Log cabin border

The third border was to be log cabin inspired.  I knew right away that I wanted to do some of the liberated log cabin blocks that I first made in a class with Gwen over 20 years ago.  In that class, I was working with plaids and made a border for an appliqued moose and trees.
This time I decided to use the scraps from the quilt I had just made at my class in Sisters.  I started cutting little strips and piecing like crazy.  The beauty of these wonky blocks is that nothing needs to match!
I am pretty happy with the direction this quilting is taking me.  Lot of fun and color happening here.
Looking foward to round 4.
Happy Friday.  Hope there is some fiber in your day.

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