Sunday, August 31, 2014

binding time

In yoga, the teacher will often suggest that we bind our pose.  I didn't really know what this meant but my yogi daughter filled me in.  Basically, you wrap your arms or legs into a circle rather than leave yourself open. 
I am not binding my poses but this weekend I am binding some quilts.  I finished the machine quilting on my low volume and the Market Day.  I found that pink binding that I made last summer for the low volume and after a bit of digging, I found enough fabric to make binding for the Market Day quilt.  They are cut and ironed and ready to stitch. 
And then the slow stitching part of these projects will commence.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

for the weekend

If you are a teacher or work in a school, this weekend will likely mark the start of a new year.  I remember spending most of this long weekend in my classroom during my teaching years.  Now that I on the admin side of school life, I don't have the same pressures.  I was able to get my communications and paperwork pretty much wrapped up on Friday so I can really enjoy this long weekend.
This morning I have been machine quilting my low volume string quilt and I had enough pins to get this little quilt (from Pam's quilt along) pin basted.  I hope to get it stitched over the weekend too.
I picked up Barbara Brackmans' book at the library and have enjoyed reading bits of it this week.  I am thinking about re-watching the Ken Burns Civil War series while I stitch.
Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where I sew

Lori has been talking about the sewing rooms of women she has met and I thought I would share a snippet of my sewing space.  This is one side of the room.  The other side holds my a paper crafting and knitting stash and is not so easy to tidy up for a photograph!
I have been fortunate to have this room for my creative activities for almost 27 years!  I also have a recliner in this room and sometimes I just sit in there and think about sewing or do a bit of reading.  A room of my own - lovely!
Let me know if you post photos of your sewing space.

Monday, August 18, 2014

on the short list

I was inspired by Lori's progress today to get a priority list going.
1.   Pin baste and machine quilt my low volume quilt - need to get some pink thread for quilting
2.   Finish brown hat for Hats of Faith
3.   Finish sleeves on sweater - honestly I am so lose to done it is silly
4.   Appliqué eagle block
5.   Finish 9 patch blocks for Barb's swap 

I think that is a good start.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thinking about the UFO pile

I spent some time yesterday (about 5 hours) riding my bike up and down the hills.  It was a much more difficult ride that I was expecting but I did it!  And to distract myself from those killer hills, I began to plan and putter in my head.  I thought about unfinished projects, set aside ideas, and dreams.  I thought about how much I need those creative space in my life.  I pondered how I can slow down in some areas of life and perhaps move a bit more efficiently in others.  
This afternoon, I am using post it notes to see if I can make a plan.  
I remember someone saying they tried randomly sections a different project to finish each month.  Any other ideas about putting some order to the piles.  Would love to have a few more check marks on my list before the end of 2014.