Wednesday, November 26, 2014

yarn and books

I finished this audio book yesterday and I just want to tell everyone about it!  I spend a lot of time in my car and it can be hard to listen to a novel with all the driving distractions but this one held my attention and I thoroughly enjoyed the story.  The reader is wonderful and that really helps.
I am still working on my Candlelit Shawl and I cast on Helen's second Knitvent pattern - the Lind Cowl.  This is a two color cowl and I started with some yarn I purchased in Petaluma last year.  I found a local yarn shop that carries this yarn so I am heading there on Friday to pick up a contrasting color.  Yesterday Helen released the third pattern, the perfect cowl for using up some stash.
A short morning training at work followed by a run and then home again to finish cleaning and getting ready for tomorrow.
Linking up with fellow yarn and book friends on Ginny's blog.

Monday, November 24, 2014

move more Monday - purging time

The #HolidaySweat challenge begins today.  I spent some time over the weekend purging my fridge and pantry.  I eat well most of the time but a few things have slipped in that have way too much sugar.  Of course this is a tough week to begin a challenge since we have the big American food fest (Thanksgiving) coming up in a few days.  But we now have two vegetarians in our midst so I know there will be lots of choices. 
On the moving more front, I have downloaded a few strength workouts to supplement my running plans and will stick to yoga at least two days a week.  So, here we go!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Slow Stitching

Another week filled with busy-ness and reasons to slow down - if just for a few minutes.
I have a binding to finish stitching tonight.
I have been making good progress on my shawl and have cast on a cowl that I hope will be a gift.
I also received a lovely little packet of wool squares and have been dreaming about what I might do with them.  They are cut into 3" squares and there are 48.  I saw a lovely idea on Nancy's blog.  And Sue Spargo inspires me too.  These would be a lovely way to dig into that stitches book I have.  Just need to see if I have a piece of fabric for the backing.  I see some serious slow stitching in my future.

Linking up with Kathy and others who are taking some slow stitches this weekend.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

celebrating and cleaning

Do those two words go together?
This weekend they are perfect companions.  We are heading into Thanksgiving week.  That means my work schedule is a bit more flexible since teachers are giving conferences and students are not on campus.  It also means we need space in the fridge for a turkey and space on the counter for all the goodies that our guests will bring. 
I love the way we do our Thanksgiving meal.  My husband cooks the turkey (for 36 years) and I set the table.  Our family guests each bring one or two dishes to share and there is always more than enough to eat.  I have started making a stuffing dish to accommodate some special dietary needs but it is fun to hunt down the ingredients.  And when everyone shares in the meal preparation, there is such a sense of community to accompany our meal. 
So today I am cleaning the kitchen, making a grocery list, and tackling some of those tasks that don't get done often enough (cobweb control for instance).  I will sit with the memories that are bound to come up when I pull out our special dishes and napkins.  I am sure I will be wishing for years past, before Alzheimer's and aging became constant companions for mom and dad.  There will be sadness mixed with gratitude.  But isn't that life? 
Today I am thankful that I have this cleaning to do and I am celebrating with others over at Ruth's place.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

yarn and books and beads!

Off the needles today - a simple hat that I hope my mom will wear when we go out walking - it is getting cold in Seattle.
On the needles - my Candlelit shawl.  I decided to go with the pattern and try beading - thanks to a lovely tutorial on Helen's blog and the encouragement of my daughter.  I picked up a very tiny crochet hook and some beads last weekend and proceeded to misread the pattern (user error not pattern error) so I added more beads than needed.  I didn't really like the way it looked so I let it sit for a few days and then I realized my mistake.  I took out the knitting and started again.  I do love the look of the beads now that I have tamed it down a bit.  It really is so much easier than I had imagined.  Have you ever tried adding beads to your knitting?
I am not quite done with Being Mortal but I heard about this book on a podcast and was so curious.  I am a few chapters in and I like what she has to say.
I am looking forward to next week.  The teachers will be holding parent conferences so I have some time to play catch up and a flexible schedule.  I am looking forward to some serious meal planning and goal setting for the upcoming #HolidaySweat challenge.  And my friend Lori is home from her trip.  That means another installment of the mystery QAL and some time to hear about her travels.
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