Friday, July 1, 2016

Gwennie inspired

The second theme for our medallion quilts was "childhood."  I had a few more elaborate ideas but then I came down with a summer cold and lost my steam.  Instead I decided to add the pink check fabric because it reminds me of the dresses my mom used to make for me every summer - lots of pink gingham, polka dots, and girly stuff.  
I am making good progress on my Abigail cardi.  I put the sleeves on holders and have about 6" until the lower edging.  Then the real test will come when I go back and work the sleeves.  
In my cleaning and stash purging, I came across this little quilt.  The center is made from three Sue Spargo blocks.  Two years ago, I decided that they would make a good center for a small quilt.  I added 9-patch and churn dash blocks.  There were just a few places that needed some hand stitching so I did the this week.  The backing is all pieced so this little gem is ready for some quilting.
First week of summer break - hope the rest of my summer is so fiber-full!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Binding time

The last few days have been about loving my stash.  The big purge has been so good for my creative spirit and giving me the motivation to sew.  First up, the binding for my rail fence, the quilt that started the big purge.  I am working my way around that quilt in the evenings and hope to be done tonight.  
As I was clearing out fabric this weekend, I pulled fabric that would work for pieced backings and bindings.  On Saturday, I made backings for three donation quilts and got them pin basted.  Then I cut some binding for those quilts.  I am determined to whittle down my project piles - keeping only what will bring joy.  
I have enough bags and boxes to fill my trunk so I will be heading to the donation drop-off on Monday. So great to lighten the load a bit.
Back to my slow stitching.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Making space

Cleaning out and decluttering are seasonal activities for me.  The start of summer break is one of those times.  I read that clutter can affect Cortisol levels in our bodies and I know that Cortisol affects sleep and health.  Just one more reason to get rid of the clutter.
On Sunday, I was looking for a 1/2 yard that I could use for binding.  You would think that I could find something but no!  That is when I decided that I have too many fabrics that are not bringing joy into my sewing life so I decided to purge, ruthlessly!

The first afternoon, I was able to empty 5 bins by refolding and purging.  On day two, I went through my color bins.  These each bin held a color family with mostly smaller sized pieces.  Two hours later, I had that down to one bin of fabrics I love.  I also sorted a few projects that can be finished this summer and have a lovely stack of fabric for my class in Sisters next month.  
Next up, two very full bins of civil was fabric.  
Last week I finished another shawl.  I thought I would begin another shawl but stumbled on a lovely sweater pattern.  I even have enough yarn on hand to knit this sweater.  I am just beginning but I love the way this yarn is knitting up.  
Stay tuned.  It is going to b a great Fiber Friday this week!

Sunday, June 19, 2016


What a lovely weekend!  I was able to get away on Friday and Saturday with some friends.  We headed north to a beach house where we were visited by the most lovely eagle.  We watched in silence as he swooped down to the water to get a bite to eat and then settled on the roof of the boat house.  There were hummingbirds in the afternoon and otters in the morning.  Just what we needed to help us make the break between school and summer.  The weather was a bit wet so we headed to town and visited the best little shops, fabric, yarn, and books.  And I had time to begin a new knitting project that I will share later this week.  We are all heading back to work for one more week of paperwork and organizing but I am sure we will not feel the same stress.
I arrived home to some squishy mail from Sue Spargo - the June Cuppa kit.  I have high hopes of getting caught up on the cutting and basting for these blocks and plan to take them with me on my next two weekends away in July.
The sun is out now, just in time to take my dad out for brunch.  Hope your weekend is lovely and perhaps includes a bit of fiber and thread.
I am off to visit Kathy and Ruth to see what others are stitching and celebrating.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fiber as a stress reducer

There has been far too little sewing happening around here but I hope to change that very soon.  These are some of the fabrics that I am hoping to use for my class next month.  The stripe fabric is my color inspiration.  I need a few more pieces and I am thinking perhaps a few Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  But for now, I am just enjoying the loveliness of these fabrics.