Friday, January 23, 2015

celebrating soup

I love soup!  Usually, by this time in January, I have made at least six batches of soup.  But we are having a very mild start to 2015 and I just haven't thought too much about soup.

Today, I found myself craving soup.  Perhaps it was the wet day, or the full week, or the hard conference we had about a special student, or the worn look on the face of a teacher.  Soup is simple and warm.  It usually makes me slow down and eat slowly.  And I often think of childhood days, curled up on the couch, home from school, with soup and crackers and mom's special attention.

I had seen some new to me cookbooks on an Instagram feed so I stopped at the library, excited to find that they were available.

This lovely Green Lentil soup was very easy to make and made the perfect Friday night supper (and it is very pretty).  After dinner, I decided to see if the author of the cookbook had a blog - she does!  And this lovely recipe is available here.
I am off to look for a few more soup recipes and plan to spend part of my weekend cooking and celebrating soup.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

yarn and books - january 21

I am trying to be pretty monogamous with my reading this month.  Just Mercy is my January read.  I am attending a conference in June and want to read the books written by the speakers.  I am enjoying this one a lot.
I am not so single minded with my knitting.  I have a shawl and two hats on the needles but this sweater and lovely orange yarn have had my attention this last week.
I am working on being mindful, watching my time and seeing where I am expending energy.  I have been meal planning, practicing yoga, trying to enjoy the moments as they come.  It is not an easy task for me.
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday, slow stitching

I have gathered my slow stitching supplies.  One piece is ready for some lovely orange embellishments, the second should be ready for big stich quilting by next weekend.  I love having a plan.
I have spent quite a bit of time doing deep cleaning this weekend.  That means moving furniture and getting into those hard to reach places.  I have such a sense of accomplishment.
Tomorrow I will help dad sort through his file drawers, getting rid of paper clutter and finding the bits and pieces he needs to file the tax return.
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Taking aim at finishing

I know that a lot of people don't like to make resolutions or join challenges but the accountability factor works pretty well for me (except MyFitnessPal - I just can't seem to get in the groove with that one).  So when I discovered the 2015 Finish Along, I decided to jump in.  I have plenty of possible projects but for the first quarter, I am aiming at finishing three.
1.  The grey basket quilt needs the flowers embroidered and then it will be a fun big stitch project.
2.  My Sue Spargo inspired quilt is one border short of being a quilt top and will be machine quilted.
3.  My Ashby Shawl is part of a knit along with no end date but I would love to have it finished before spring.
4.  I am adding my orange prayer quilt from my previous post - a bit of applique and then some surface embellishment before quilting with Pearle cotton thread.

So there we go - my Q1 list for the Finish Along.  I hope I have made this manageable because it would be great to start the year off with some lovely finishes.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

slow stitching

Shortly after my post last Saturday, I began to feel a bit punky and by Sunday, I realized that I had finally caught the cold that has been tossed around.  So my first week back to work was a blur of hot tea, warm soup, naps, and cold medicine.  It was a packed week at work, first week of enrollment for the next school year, so lots of things I could not cancel. 
By yesterday afternoon, I was feeling so much better, even got in a run which is very good news.
As I was puttering in my sewing room yesterday, I found parts of this project.  I believe it was started about 3 1/2 years ago at my summer quilt retreat.  The squares were meant to be a border for an applique center that never really came together.  When I pulled them out yesterday, I remembered how much I loved these fabrics and I could not let them go.  Two things came to mind.  1) this piece needed some circles and 2) this would be a wonderful base for some embroidery, big stitch quilting, and perhaps some surface embellishments.  I began to cut circles and immediately knew this would be my new stitched prayers quilt.  This morning I added a few more potential  half circles and see the the spotted one at the bottom needs to be moved to the right side.  I am thinking some variegated pearle cotton in shades of orange and some word beads.  This is going to be a lovely slow stitching project.

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