Saturday, February 28, 2015

celebrating a well rounded life

 As I sat on the couch knitting, full from a lovely birthday dinner (including cake), I thought about the importance of balancing.  Not just the kind that makes us steady on our feet, although that is feeling pretty important to me as I watch my parents' aging joints make them less steady.  But balance in all things - sitting and moving, eating more healthy stuff than sugary stuff, taking time to be focused on work but also time to put just as much focus into family and friends. 
I finished another hat for the donation project at work and spent a bit of time on my current shawl.  I found time to get a bit more machine quilting done and plan to cut my binding this afternoon.  I had some things to read for work and decided to spend the same number of minutes on reading for pleasure.  And since quilting and knitting and reading are not very aerobic, I am balancing that time with some time on the trail or working out in my little home "gym".
Today I am celebrating a well rounded life.  Check out some of the other celebrations on Ruth's blog.  
Tomorrow is a new month - how will you find balance and celebration?

Monday, February 23, 2015

another monday morning

A lovely weekend makes it much harder to return to a work mndset on Monay morning.  I find myself wishing for one more day to work on my quilt or get a few more chores done.  Alas, that is not what my day holds.  I did do some things this weekend that make re-entry a bit less bumpy.  Meal planning and cooking ahead are very helpful.  Last week I found these beets in the produce section of my market.  I love putting beets in my smoothies but don't like the mess of cooking and peeling.  I have used frozen beets and they are great but when I saw these, I knew I needed to give them a go.  (There are also three other package options with different flavorings that would make them a good addition to a salad.)  I used beets, blueberries, and the pom juice given to me as a valentine from a student.  I added water and a tablespoon of coconut oil.  The smoothie was beautiful color and tasted great.  I didn't add any protein powder but that would certainly be an option.

I also got my mystery hat packed up and ready to mail.  This is a swap I did on Ravelry.  I haven't done a swap in a long time but a hat seemed very do-able.  We were given a short list of color, style, and yarn preferences and then asked to knit a hat without knowing the name of the recipient.  I chose a pattern on her list and some new to me yarn.  The pattern was just enough of a stretch for me that I felt I was sharpening my skills as I knit.  Hope to get to the post office this afternoon.

I got my quilt about 1/3 quilted on Saturday evening.  I took a break yesterday - forgot how hard machine quilting can be on the shoulders and neck.  I hope to get a bit done in the evenings this week and ready for some binding by next weekend.
Question - Are you part of a knitting or quilting group?  Tell me what you love about your group.  My quilting friends are scattered and busy and we rarely meet but I feel like I need a bit of community for the journey.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Next step

I started pinning my quilt before heading out for breakfast with my quilting buddies.  After breakfast, we headed to a quilt shop where I found the thread I was hoping to use on this quilt.  Should be done with the pinning and ready to begin stitching this afternoon although with the sun making an appearance, I might need to head to the trail for a quick run too.  Lovely options!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Everything but the thread

Yesterday Lori wrote about orphan blocks which led me to dig around for a quilt top.  I made a few large applique blocks inspired by Jan Patek and Sue Spargo.  I added some circles and pieced blocks that were leftovers or made to try out a fabric or pattern.  Add to that enough fabric for a backing, an unused roll of batting, and a full box of basting pins.  The only thing I don't have to make this happen is thread and that can easily be picked up this week.  Stay tuned.
Now I am off to get a new pair of running shoes and visit mom.  The sun is shing so we shroud have a lovely walk.

Monday, February 16, 2015

list making - check!

I started making my To Do list over a week ago.  Every time I remembered another task that I had been putting off, I made a note on my phone.  I even set some alarms so I would be reminded to look at my list. 
And then the sun came out.  Who would have thought we would get such beautiful weather in February?  I tend to get sidetracked by the sunshine but I kept moving in the direction I had set:
finish a hat - check
put notes in the mail - check
gather the files for the taxes - check
clean up the kitchen - check
laundry, change the sheets, clean the bathroom - check, check, check
The weekend was humming along.  There was time to read and knit and putter in my sewing room.  I did some cooking for next week, cleaning out the fridge along the way.  Today's task was to create something for the swap next weekend.  As each layer was drying, I checked grocery store, exercise, and practice drums off my list.
And here I am, a list completed, time for a cup of coffee and a blog post, and one day left in my long weekend.  I am not making a list for tomorrow.