Monday, October 12, 2015

Making Monday

I have not had great success with my yarn of late.  I was working on a shawl that had me unknitting too many times to get the stitch count correct.  So I started something I thought would be social knitting, a simple 4 row repeat, and I could not figure out which row I was on each time I put it down and picked it up.  So this weekend, I decided to pull out a hat pattern - my go to for social knitting - and some yarn that has been languishing in my stash long enough.  This is a pattern (Henny from Buckaloo View) that I tried earlier this year, before I really conquered the yarn over.  I have had enough practice now and this time the pattern is coming together. 
I am trying very hard not to join any more knit alongs for a bit and get my own stash and project list in order.  I am hoping my Making Notebook will help me get back on track.
What are you making this Monday?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

some fast stitching turned slow

After a sewing afternoon with Jessica, I decided to machine piece the other three triangles for my center. 
I put them up on the wall, cut the setting pieces from my grey and palyed around for a bit - sure that I could make it work.  But this morning, I am rethinking this.  I would lose so much of the tip of each triangle and in the end, I would not be happy.
Kelly posted her paper piece prep on Instagram and wondered if that was "cheating".  Absolutely NOT!  Jen Kingwell hand pieces most of her quilts.  I think whatever works for each of us is what we need to do.  This afternoon I will be un-sewing and re-sewing these blocks. 
This one really qualifies for a Slow Stitching project!  Visit Kathy to see what others are slowly stitiching this week.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Fiber Friday

On this lovely Friday, I am heading north to a conference with yarn and needles as traveling companions.  Yesterday I had the chance to pull out my fabric bins and get the rest of my triangles but for my Midnight quilt.  I may have signed up for a block of the month that will start in January so I motivated to keep moving on the Midnight quilt.  I just love heading into the weekend with yarn and fabrics.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

autumn yarn

I stumbled on to this book just last week, although I know I have heard of it from others.  But I am loving this story of a man who decides to walk - walk toward or walk away?  It has captured my heart. 
And I very much want to knit something with this lovely, orange yarn.  I am thinking a simple shawl to wear with my black and grey wardrobe.  Just haven't come across the right pattern. 
So happy to have yarn and books on my side table today.
Linking up with Ginny for a weekly yarn and book post.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jen Kingwell QAL - October

We had a lovely trip to London and Dublin, beautiful weather, amazing food, and lots of theater.  We have been to London before and I do love that city.  It was our first trip to Dublin and I would love to return one day.  I had thought I would take some hand stitching along but in the end, it would not have been pulled out.  The flights are long but the seats are so close together.  There was barely room to pull out my Kindle for reading.
But now we are back and it is time to see how we are coming along with our Jen Kingwell quilts.  I will be off to visit all the quilt alongers this morning.  I have cut 12 of the 20 orange peel blocks and have put them in my sewing box next to the couch.  These will be fun with the bright colors.  I am planning to cut the rest of the triangles for my center blocks this afternoon and those will also be hand stitched.  Hope you are enjoying your stitching time.  Be sure to check in and see how everyone is progressing.  The links are on the sidebar.  And if I have not added you to that list, please let me know.  Lots of catching up to do after almost two weeks away.