Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yarn and words on paper

Last week I went to hear Anthony Doerr speak and now I want to read everything he has written.  I picked up About Grace at the talk.  I am just a few chapters in but already see it is a "hard to put down" book.  Fortunately we are heading into a long weekend with time to read and knit.
I knit this little Laurus hat in just two days and have cast on another one.  I also finished my Winterwander shawl this weekend.  
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

making slow progress

Doesn't my coffee cup go well with this project?
I am stitching away, slowly, on my Imperial Blooms blocks.  I signed up for the 2016 Block of the Month from Sue so this is a good time to practice some of the stitches that are in her Creative Stitching book.  What I love about this book is the spiral binding.  Very easy to keep the page open on my side table.  Unfortunately, I did not do a very good job of keeping all the threads together with the patterns for each block so I am winging it with the threads.  I think this will just make it my own.
I finished my shawl this week.  Next up on the needles will be a color work hat.
I have discovered a new to me blog this week that has me thinking about setting some year end goals. 

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

so much to celebrate

The moon sitting pretty in the evening sky as I finished my run last night;
Another great week of working out and feeling stronger;
A great author talk;
Planning and shopping for Thanksgiving dinner;
A fun afternoon working in a classroom with delightful 3-4 year olds;
A new stack of books;
Wool socks;
A fresh pack of Field Notes, ready for words and ideas and questions;
Work that brings me more joy than frustration;
Sharing ideas about healthy eating;
Binding off a beautiful shawl.
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Friday, November 20, 2015

fiber Friday

Oh  my, what a week!  It started off well but then spiraled into a blur.  Tuesday's storm (which we are calling #birthdaystorm2015) left us in the dark and cancelled school.  Sounds lovely, right?  This is a tough week to have a no school day because report cards are due and conferences are coming up.  And, it got very cold.  We muddled through (I only walked into the wall once).  We still celebrated a very special birthday.  I found my way into Seattle for a great author talk, and I was able to get a bit more knitting done - AFTER the lights came back!  I have two rows and then I will bind off my Winter Wander shawl (and I have plans to make this one again).  I have two days of blank action cards so I will take some time this morning to get caught up with those and get some planning done for next week.  I am going to make my 16 before 2016 list this weekend.  I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new book that I will be reading and writing about over the  next month.
But today is Friday and it is filled with some lovely plans and people and later on, time to knit.  Hope your day (or weekend) is fiber-full!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

slow stitching Sunday

Friday night was filled with dismay and sorrow as we watched the tragedy unfold in Paris.
Saturday morning, there was the newsletter from Sue Spargo sharing the news of her breast cancer diagnosis. 
This morning I decided to pull out my Imperial Blooms blocks and finish the decorative stitching.  Something to keep my hands busy while I pray for healing and peace for Sue and so many others around the world.

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