Wednesday, July 27, 2016

off the needles

Last week I cast on a Gooseberry hat in this lovely Madiline Tosh yarn.  I used a slighly larger needle and did 6 wedges instead of 8.  It was a quick knit.
I also cast on the Antarktis shawl recommended by Caffine Girl with my green Uncommon Thread yarn.  I have the first section completed and I think it will make a lovely traveling project.
My next job is to find a book or two to take on my travels.  I am about 80% sure I will take my Kindle so I can download a few books - just to be sure I have the right book!  My reading has been all over the place lately but I am going to some author talks in the fall so this might be a good time to read some of the books written by those authors.

Be sure to visit Ginny today - unless you do not want to be tempted by more lovely knitting projects and books!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

going around in circles

The calendar on my desk tells me that we are 206 days into the year.  I have 49 circles to show - not even close to one a day for this project.  I have gone around and around about these circles.  I even declared that I was not going to continue.  During my great summer purge, I found many small pieces of fabric, just the right size for one circle.  So I cut them and stacked them and put them away.  And then I slowly began to baste them to 5" squares until my sewing box was filled with blocks, all ready to sew.  And that is one of the projects that has been keeping me company in the evenings.  Slowly but surely, I am stitching these circles.  I don't believe I will ever get to 365 with Audrey and friends but I am going to keep stitching them until it feels that there are enough and then they will become a lovely little quilt.  Because who doesn't love circles?
Be sure to visit Kathy to see what others are slowly stitching this week.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fiber Friday

Last weekend, I read a post from Meredithe that gave me a bit of extra motivation to stitch every day.  I know that giving myself time to create each day is a good thing but there are times when creating takes a back seat.  I decided I was up for the challenge.  I got a lot of sewing and knitting done this week but my favorite day was the little dresses sewing day.  My daughter brought her machine over and we spent part of the morning cutting and sewing little dresses for Lori to take to Bolivia this fall. 
Hope there is some fiber in your Friday and the week ahead.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

yarn and books

I have spent a lot of time at my library this summer and have found some lovely books.  I am hoping to start this one this afternoon, Dinner with Edward: a story of an unexpected friendship.  There are two other books in my TBR pile but I think this one will go quickly.
I cast off the body of my Abigail cardi and need to start the sleeves.  I have a bit of traveling coming up so I am pulling a few skeins to see if there might be a hat or shawl for a traveling project.  The Malabrigo is bright and cheery.  The green yarn was purchased in London last fall and would make a pretty shawl.  Just need to visit my Ravelry library to see if there is a pattern that would fit.
Happy Wednesday!  Be sure to visit Ginny to see what others are knitting and reading this week.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

slow down and enjoy

tote bag pattern by Sue Spargo
I find myself thinking a lot about slowing down these days.  As I reflect on the school year just ended, words like rushed, hurried, over-stuffed, and stressful come to mind.  I don't have to look far to see why and with a few weeks of vacation time under my belt, I can see what needs to change.  And in case I was not getting the message, a number of books and blog posts have made their way into my life that are helping me refocus. 
Last week I listened to The Best Yes, nodding along as the author encourages readers to stop overcommitting and saying yes to all the good opportunities that come our way.  She has a list of questions to consider before saying Yes. 
This morning I clicked over to the post Kathy shared.  If you have been running through your summer days, you should really check it out.  My favorite is "Have fewer meetings."  That is one I need to include as I return to work. 
I always look forward to joining Kathy with a slow stitching post on Sundays. Even on the weeks when I don't get around to posting,  I have composed the post on my mind. 
Happy Sunday.  Hope there is some time to slow down, do a bit of stitching, and enjoy life this week.