Friday, October 28, 2016


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Monday, October 10, 2016

I love October

I know we are 10 days into October but it has been a busy few weeks here and I haven't had time to celebrate yet.  On Friday, I was able to take the afternoon off and get to the trail for a run before the sun went down.  As I came to my end point, I turned and saw the sun shining through this beautiful tree.  I love the way the colors change and cast a new light on the landscape.  It is like a little reminder to look up!
This is the evergreen state so we have a lot of trees.  Many of them stay greenish all year but we have a wide variety of yellow, gold, orange, and red thrown in as summer turns to fall.
Over the weekend I made some beautiful orange soups - Carrot Ginger and Sweet Potato with lentils.  Today I am planning to pull out my fall quilts and decorations and pick up a few pumpkins at the store.  And I think I have some orange wool in the sewing room that would make the perfect pumpkin for a little table topper.
Hope there are beautiful colors in your part of the world today.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Why do you . . .?

I love to knit hats.  Last week, I was struggling with a lace pattern on my current shawl and I put it down and started a new hat.  In no time at all I found that knitting peace and after a few days, I was able to return to the lace pattern.  The funny thing is that I don't really wear hats.  So I knit for others.  We are currently collecting kid sized hats that will be sent to Mongolia.  These four hats we dropped off last week.  Today I have two more to add to the box.
I had an email from Churchmouse yarns the other day titled Why do we knit?    And a few weeks ago Helen Stewart asked what is it about knitting that brings you joy.  I sometmes knit for products, like hats, but more often for the process, the act of knitting, the click of needes, and watching a pattern emerge.  I generally find joy in all the bits and pieces of knitting.  I love to browse patterns, wander in a yarn shop, cast on, learn a new technique.  I have even found joy in un-knitting a project that is just not working.  It is like liberating the yarn for something new!  I would say the only piece I do not love is when my yarn gets tangles coming off the skein.  I spent almost an hour untangling a skein of yarn that was supposed to be a center pull.
I am ready for the next step of that lace project, another new to me technique.  This morning I cast on another hat.  All is well with my world.
I think these questions apply to knitting and quilting.  So, why do you craft?  And what bits and pieces bring you joy?
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Happy Sunday 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday fiber

Another Friday and some lovely fiber on my needles.  I almost stopped this project last weekend - hit a snag and fell a bit out of love with it.  But I am back on track now with a goal of being ready for the next step by Sunday afternoon.  I have company coming over to help me sort out the next bit - some new to me instructions.  
We have some wind and rain this morning - blustery!  Hope this day finds you warm and safe with some fiber to take into the week-end.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Yarn and books

I received my first Book of the Month club box.  Yup.  I jumped on that bandwagon.  The first book is The Wonder.  It will likely sit in this box for at least a few weeks while I finish up The Nest.  I also downloaded Life Animated by Ron Suskind for my commute listening.  So many books I want to be reading!
In addition to my mystery shawl, I have a hat on my needles that is a lovely blend of interesting and simple, perfect for evening knitting after an over full day.
I am having trouble with blogger lately.  I am rarely on my computer at home and the mobile app keeps crashing on my iPad.  Very frustrating.  I am contemplating a return to my wordpress blog.  I'll let you know.
For now, we made it to Wednesday again.
Enjoy your day.

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