Friday, October 31, 2014


I tried something different this month.  I stopped tracking my food, I turned off my running tracker, I left my ear buds in the car when I went for a run.  I feel like I did the things I needed to do to be more intentional and pay attention.  But the month feels like a blur.  My calendar pages reveal the reason.  Too many meetings, too much driving back and forth, too many long days.
But when I check in here, I am reminded of the knitting, sewing, reading, and writing I managed to get done this month.  And the blur moves from the center of my thinking to the edges.  And I think I can live with that.

Writing with prompts today and anticipating the November list.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My green season

Another Wednesday - another link to Ginny's Yarn along.
And I am noticing a color pattern in my knitting.  Everything seems to be green!  Maybe I am in a green season.  
This week I am starting a blanket to use up some soft yarn from my stash.  I made a shawl from this yarn but as I neared the end, I realized it was a bit heavier than I wanted so I un-knit and put it away.  I have about 800 yards so it should make a nice little blanket, recipient unknown which is tricky.  I am more likely to finish if I know where it is going.  
I have been listening to Devotion by Dani Shapiro after finishing The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood.  And yesterday I picked up this book, Lila by Marilynne Robinson.  It is the story of the young wife from one of her earlier books, Gilead, another good read.
It would be lovely knitting and reading on this dark, wet day but I am off to day long work session so my book and yarn will have to simmer.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Celebrating - the clothes line

This summer we got a clothes line.  I don't remember my mom having one but I am sure she did.  And I am not sure when I started thinking about it but I found myself searching for clothes line ideas on Pinterest - thinking for a brief moment that we would construct our own.  We found one online that seemed to match my needs.  We had to dig a deep hole (not easy since we live on very rocky, clay soil) and add cement to hold the base.  Once that was set, we dropped the main pole into the base and viola!  All I needed were clothes pins which I picked up at the dollar store.  
I began to look forward to laundry days.  I would put a load in the machine and putter about in the kitchen or sewing room.  When the first load was done, I would put in the second and take my basket out to the line.  At first, I pinned the clothes up randomly.  But then I learned to hang the heavier items toward the front with the lighter items toward the center.  That way things dried at pretty much the same rate.  While my clothes dried I could go for a run or do the grocery shopping.  No  need to worry about a dryer running while I was away from home.  The final step would be a short tumble in the dryer to fluff out the wrinkles. 
Now the rainy season has begun.  I brought my clothes pins inside this week so they would not get water logged.  And today we will take the main pole out of the base and store it for the winter.  But I am contemplating looking for an indoor line that I can install in the extra bathroom.  It will take a bit longer for the clothes to dry but I have found something so calming about hanging my clothes and giving them just a short tumble in the dryer.  And I am not ready to give that up.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Health Filled Friday

I saw this quote on Pinterest the other day and I had to make my own photo-quote.  I need to remember this.  I am not a perfectionist but I do tend to spend more time on the planning phase before plunging in to the fun part of a project.  Life-long learning.
With the encouragement and support of others (thanks Lori, Kat, and Cathy!), I am rebooting sugar-free living.  The last few weeks have been over-full with meetings and work projects.  I start the day well with a good breakfast and a packed lunch but by the time evening rolls around, I am looking for something sweet.  Fortunately we don't buy cookies or ice cream so it isn't in the house.  My go to evening snack these day is a sliced apple with cashew butter (a recent discovery at Trader Joe's).  Today I made a green drink to take to work for my snack (love this site for new recipe ideas).  This one has pears, spinach, almond milk, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamon - doesn't that sound yummy!  And this weekend I am going to try and make a pumpkin puree to use in a shake for the pumpkin spice taste without the sugar.
It has been wet, wet, wet, but today I am taking my running gear (hat and rain jacket too) because I am determined to get to the trail. 
Have a health-filled Friday.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Does this ever happen to you?

I started this quilt last spring, got three of the four blocks stitched and then put it away.  Well not really away.  I packed it up in my box of projects to take on quilt retreat but never pulled it out.  Over the weekend, I found the green star in my sewing box and wonderd what I had done with those blocks.  It was a mystery.  This morning, I was looking for a quilt book (which I did not find -yet) and I found block #4, ready to be stitched!  
Do you lose projects?  I hope I am not alone in this!